Rob Presley - Team Member

2011, 2012, 2013

"I have now completed my second mission trip to Suriname, South America with Extend Global. John Tucker and associates have a heart for God and for those who need Christ as their savior. My first trip in the fall of 2011 was an eye opener to life in a third world country. I fell in love with the pastors and the youth volunteers but mostly with the Muslim and Hindu people. God proved himself faithful. I signed up for a second year and I learned more about personal evangelism, as well as the need we can fill walking with the pastors side by side. Most of all, I fell deeply in love with the Muslim people--they are reachable. Your sacrifice will not be greater than the reward you receive by being obedient and faithful to His call. If He calls you, He will give you the experience of your life. As my pastor would say, 'you will be ruined.'" 

"Thank you Extend Global."

Local Pastor  BRazil, Suriname

"As a participant, I could not have been more pleased with the leadership and organization that I experienced while part of the Extend Global Team. As a group leader, it was a relief to know that Extend Global was taking care of all of the logistical details, and I could really focus on the ministry aspects of our trip."

Jt Dick, Youth Pastor

"We'll be using Extend Global for the second time this summer. Extend Global is tremendously helpful in all areas of planning, sending, and leading trips. I particularly love that they have built long-term relationships on the ground and connect groups to those relationships for short-term trips."