Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the easiest way to book a mission trip for my group? 

Contact us by email or phone. One of our staff will work directly with you to listen to your needs and place your group in a mission trip situation that is the best possible fit. 

2. Where can we serve? 

We have partnerships in Boston, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, India, North Africa, Guatemala, and Suriname. We are developing new partnerships all the time so just ask what is available. Some of our locations are sensitive areas of ministry in the world and may not be listed by name. If you would like to see a list of our current partners and what our goals are for those regions go to our partners pages.

3. Who can serve on a short-term mission trip with Extend Global?

If this is your first time or you have been 20 times you are welcome to serve with Extend Global. Participants must have a relationship with Jesus Christ and a willingness to grow in that relationship while serving in missions. We work with adults, youth groups, college students, and families. 

 4. What type of ministry will we participate in while serving? 

Your group may be involved in evangelism and discipleship, labor-type projects, children’s ministry, and other ministries of service and compassion. It would not be uncommon for your group to share the Gospel one-on-one, paint the walls of an orphange, conduct VBS, preach in a church, disciple believers, prayerwalk, visit orphans and widows, etc. 

 5. What is a typical team size? 

It varies depending on your field of service. Some of our partners can handle 20 or more participants. Others are limited in size to 6, 10, 15, etc.--again, it depends on your field of service. 

6. How much does it cost? 

What is included in the cost? Anywhere from $100 to $3,100, when you include airfare, per person depending on your field of service. For instance, Bostion is going to be less expensive than India. Costs will include in-country expenses such as lodging, food, transportation, and translators. It includes our Extend Global administration fee, insurance, a T-shirt or water bottle, and some miscellaneous field expenses. 

7. What is not included in the cost? 

Generally, the following expenses are not included: transportation to the field, passport fees, immunizations (if necessary), and personal spending for items such as souvenirs. 

8. When are fees due to Extend Global? 

A $100 non-refundable deposit per person is due when you submit your application. Then, 50% of the balance is due 120 days before the departure date of the trip. The remaining 50% is due 30 days before departure. 

9. Do you offer family mission trips? 

Yes, we do have family mission opportunities. Minimum age requirements would depend on the outreach; please inquire if you have concerns or questions. 

10. What shots do I need to get for the trip? 

Because we are not medical professionals and immunizations vary by country, we recommend that you visit the CDC website for country specific information. While we will give more information during team training, we also recommend that you talk to a medical professional. 

11. How do I apply for a passport? 

For information applying for a passport for the first time, visit this website or check here for a location in your area. Generally, it takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the time of application for you to receive your passport. We must have your passport information before airline tickets are purchased so please get your passport ASAP. Sometimes it may take longer than 6 weeks to receive your passport, so apply now. 

12. Who are the trip leaders? 

Generally, leaders are staff or adults who have lead or participated in previous Extend Global trips. Extend Global leaders work with local group contacts and individuals directly. 

13. What safety/security measures are considered before sending a team? 

Extend Global monitors factors that could impact the safety of our teams. We also work with our local partners to ensure the safety of all teams and individuals. We do not allow team members to go anywhere alone or without a leader while on the trip. We strive to ensure safety on all of our trips but we cannot control all situations. Please be in prayer for your team’s safety while on the mission field. 

14. Who will purchase my airfare?

Generally, Extend Global will purchase airfare on your behalf. We do this to insure coordination of the arrival and departure of individuals or teams with our partners. 

15. What is the Dress Code for my trip? 

You are representing God, Extend Global, and local missionary partners. Modesty is the key to all clothing you decide to bring with you. If you are questioning whether or not you should bring it, then leave it at home. You will be given a packing list that is applicable to your ministry location. Depending on the location and cultural norms, we may need to adjust the dress code. Any tattoos or piercings may need to be covered at times if it is offensive to the culture or ministry. Your leaders will let you know this in advance. You may be asked to cover the tattoo or take out piercings while involved in ministry. 

16. Where will I sleep? 

This will depend on the outreach. Some teams sleep on floors, some in homes or churches, while others sleep in basic international style hotel rooms. We make choices of accommodations based on cost and availability. 

17. Can I take a shower? 

What about drinking water? Yes, but it may not be in a traditional shower. You will have access to clean water for cleaning and drinking. 

18. How much spending money do I need to bring?

The amount of money you will want to bring depends on your personal spending habits and financial situation. Extend Global will cover all your meals, so extra personal money will be at your discretion. 

19. What are the benefits of working with Extend Global? 

We bring years of experience to serve you and your team. We have made plenty of mistakes along the way. Our desire is to help you avoid the same mistakes. Additionally, we provide training and training materials, logistics setup, and knowledge of our field of service. We strive to meet the 7 U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission in all of our outreaches.