Extend Global invites you to join with us as we minister to the local church in the Brusilov area of Ukraine. The typical village family has very little in the way of material possession and has a difficult life. There is very little hope for many of these people. Often times they will turn to alcohol or drugs to hide from their problems. We will help the local church to provide hope in a sometimes hopeless land. Through this ministry we desire, along with the Christians in Ukraine, that in every village in the Brusilov area a church will be planted

"During 16 years of ministry we have seen six churches planted in five different villages. Through evangelism and volunteers, we will see more and more planted."

-S. Tarasyuk,

Extend Global Partner

"Spirit Lead me where my trust is without borders"

- Hillsong

Hope in Darkness

On December 1st, 1991, Ukraine gained its independence after the break up of the Soviet Union. Although Ukraine is a strong country, there are many problems that plague the country, including over 50% unemployment. Alcoholism, abuse, and neglect are common incidents for families in Ukraine. Often times, these problems seem too large to tackle. However, the church in Ukraine is growing and reaching out to families sharing hope and freedom that only Christ can give.

"Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah."

Psalm 24:10

Our Goals For Ukraine

  • Minister alongside Ukrainian nationals to meet the needs of people and offer hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelism throughout the community to support the work of new churches.
  • Supporting new churches through encouragement and discipleship.
  • Encouraging established churches through adult, youth, and children's ministries, as well as visiting the sick and poor to pray over them and minister to them.
  • Experience true Ukrainian hospitality and gain better understanding of the task at hand for the Ukrainian church. Facilitate the planting of a church in every village in the Brusilov area.
  • Encourage the local church by providing resources—physical, spiritual, and professional—that will help them to accomplish the goal of planting a church in every village.